So back in February I went for a ride and the nut that holds my primary stripped out and stripped the rest of the splines on my shaft and plates. I replaced all the parts and the nut back off and stripped everything again. So back in April I took it to my Yamaha dealer and they basically replaced my wet clutch out they said all my clutch parts were messed up and replaced everything. I did get them to put my wet clutch slugs in the new wet clutch. And I did have a spring on the secondary clutch. My 2015 Viking 6 sits on 30’s and 3 inches of lift. Other than that it’s stock. When I picked it up yesterday. It only would get up to 35 mph in high. Which I get like was a lot slower than I used to ride. My dealer said that it needs to be broken in for a least 30 miles. Has anyone heard of that? Thank for your input