How to know if the dealership is ripping me off?
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How to know if the dealership is ripping me off?

This is a discussion on How to know if the dealership is ripping me off? within the Viking General Discussion forums, part of the Yamaha Viking Forums category; Kind of a long back story so bare with me. I bought my first machine last year in June. Its a 2018 Viking Ranch 3 ...

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Thread: How to know if the dealership is ripping me off?

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    How to know if the dealership is ripping me off?

    Kind of a long back story so bare with me. I bought my first machine last year in June. Its a 2018 Viking Ranch 3 seater. It was brand new, had to still be put together when i decided I wanted it. Fast forward a year and I put around 1000 miles in under 120 hours on the machine all from 6000 acres of hunting club property I am a member of. On July 29th I was out riding at the hunting club when the temp sensor started to beep. I was at the back of the property atleast a few miles from the truck so I drove for a few minutes hoping it was just a faulty sensor and there would not be an issue. When the beeping persisted i cut the motor off and let is sit for about 30 minutes while I was messing around with a feeder i was putting up. When i was done I started it back up and started driving towards the truck. Just as I was getting to the truck i noticed the steering felt slightly off so I got out to inspect my front A arms to make sure everything was alright. As i was looking around I noticed white smoke start to pour out of the back so I shut it off immediately. Upon looking over the motor I found that the "inspection cap" was missing from the side of the engine. Luckily being 30 yards from the truck at this point I pulled the truck right in front of the viking and only had to crank it back up for 10 seconds to get it on the trailer. The following day I took the machine straight to the dealership that I purchased it from. Upon looking over the engine the service rep said that it would be a warranty claim and would take 3-5 days to hear back... After the first week of them having it with no contact I called to check up on things. No warranty claim had been filed yet but it was determined that 6 special order pieces needed to be replaced in the engine that have to do with the cooling system. I call back a week later and find out that they had finally just submitted the warranty claim for the 6 parts and they had been ordered and were in route. So now 3 and a half weeks after having the machine and after installing the new parts from the warranty claim, they claim to have discovered a hole in the radiator that they said was the cause of the unit overheating. They told me it would be $500 out of pocket because the Yamaha warranty claim was denied because the hole was caused by "debris". At this point, even though i was suspicious how they discovered something that would null and void any more warranty work after almost a month of having the machine, i gave them the okay to order a new radiator so i could get my machine up and running again. Another week and a half goes by so we are now at 5 weeks, and I still havent heard anything from them so i stop in after work. I talked with the service manager who insured me i was supposed to be getting a phone call every 48 hours with updates which i told him was not the case. When the guy working the service desk pulled up my account he tried to claim all the times that I called to check up on things were the times that they called me, which I promptly pulled out my phone to prove they were in fact not. Anyways another week goes by without hearing anything from them, go figure, and I finally get a call from them and they said that now that the new radiator was installed the coolant system would not build pressure, so they suggested taking the top end off ($200) because the head gasket might be blown... I said go ahead do what you need too. Another week goes by, mind you this is now at 7 weeks, and they call to tell me that the head gasket is blown and the rod and cylinder is toast and needs to be replaced. They quoted me $2100 for parts and labor. I told them to get my machine ready and I that I would be picking it up. Before I had a chance to go and pick it up the general manager of the dealership called me because of a bad review I had left in a emailed survey asking about my recent service went. I explained everything to him and told him how i just felt strung along with them only calling when they need more money out of me.
    He told me that he would look over everything and get back to me. Later that night he called me back and said that unfortunately his guys were very through in what they did and that there was nothing to be done in terms of being able to get it covered under warranty and that the best thing I could do as a consumer was to contact Yamaha customer service and give them a sob story of how i am out all of this money and cant use the machine that im paying for and blah blah blah... The next day I went and picked up my machine from them and got a copy of everything that was done. They claimed they could not give me a copy the warranty claim because it contained confidential discussions between technicians (which sounds like a bunch of BS), but none the less I load up my machine and go to speak with the GM in person. Again he went over how to call and ask Yamaha to maybe do the work on Good Faith. Originally I wasnt even going to call Yamaha i was just going to take my machine elsewhere and pay to have it fixed, but something told me to call them so I did. I get ahold of a Yamaha customer service person adn start giving them a sob story about how much I love yamaha and this and that and I ask him is theres anything that can be done about the recent warranty claim I had on my unit that was denied. He told me that there was only one warranty claim that had been submitted for my unit and that was the claim that was accepted for the 6 cooling system parts. I called the GM back at the dealership and told him this and he said "thats impossible, i just looked at it yesterday" asked for a few minutes to find it and told me he would call me back. When he finally did call me back it turns out THEY NEVER SUBMITTED THE SECOND WARRANTY CLAIM!! The service manager apparently talked with a yamaha tech and they came to their own conclusion that the claim would not be accepted anyways so they decided to not even submit it. It gets even better, upon inspection of the old radiator the hole they claimed caused all of the damage, appears to be completely behind a piece of the frame rail. Which would mean it was impossible that a piece of "debris" or a stick even caused the damage! I know this is a super long winded post and i thank those who took the time to read it all.. I am wondering if I have a stance here to fight them in small claims court or if I should just go pound sand and quit being a cry baby.

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    Yes i would definitely take them to small claims court. Taking them to court may also help the next guy they try to cheat

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