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  1. IMG_20210328_114451_740.jpg

    My dog Loki wanting to get going
  2. Viking General Discussion
    Purchased a 2021 Viking VI and love it but I want more clearance. Was wanting to know if the 2" lift kits out there for the 2020 model will work on the 2021. Also, with a 2" lift will 30" tires work without rubbing or do I need to stick with 28s? Thanks everyone for the input!
  3. Viking Wheels & Tires
    Here are before and after tire and wheel pictures of my 2019 Viking VI Ranch Edition. The before picture are with stock AT25x8-12 front tires & wheels and stock AT25x10-12 rear tires & wheels. The after pictures are with KMC Rockstar 2 14x7 wheels and EFX Motohammer 28x10x14 tires. No lift...
  4. Viking Purchasing
    I have never owned a UTV, my father is in Pipeline construction business and he has asked me to send him one overseas. When I saw this I fell in love with it and I kind of sold it to him. I have looked around in Greater Houston area and found only two vehicles available at two separate dealers...
1-4 of 4 Results