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  1. Viking Wheels & Tires
    Ok, i just purchased a set of brand new sand paddles and fronts from a guy for a killer deal. This includes 4 rims. The problem is, the rims have holes for LUGS/STUDS that are apron 1/16 inch smaller than the LUGS/Studs on my viking. Do i got to a machine shop and have them drill them out...
  2. Viking General Discussion
    I called my dealer in NC for the sound deadening kit (with the part number) and they could not find anything for me. I called Dalton, GA and the dealer had it on the shelf and mailed it to me. The decibels were cut in half!
  3. Viking Performance
    We developed a slip-on exhaust system for the Yamaha Viking that's available in our stainless Swamp and Swamp XL Series. We were able shed 2-3 lbs from the 11.5 lb stock system, while keep sound levels very close to stock with the Swamp series. This slip-on system adds more durability and...
  4. Viking How-To's and Guides
    Just picked up my viking 6 seater and need to wire in my sprayer. Does anyone know where the best place to tie it in would be? thank you in advance
  5. Viking Purchasing
    I have never owned a UTV, my father is in Pipeline construction business and he has asked me to send him one overseas. When I saw this I fell in love with it and I kind of sold it to him. I have looked around in Greater Houston area and found only two vehicles available at two separate dealers...
  6. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I need a set of rims 2014 Viking 8-12 front 10-12 rear. Turf tires
1-6 of 7 Results