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2015 Viking Sound Damper Kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry if this is a duplicate. According to my dealer this sound kit will be available in September. Yamaha is having the dealers install the kit on all new 2015 Vikings. The kit also will work on the 2014. Retails for about $75, and dealer cost is about $50. My dealer went to a recent show, and saw the kit in action. According to him him it really works. I have ordered one from him.
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I think I would be interested in buying an actual kit

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Dang, thanks Yamaha, i paid $234 for mine!!

LOL, thats cause i bought a bunch of soundproofing materials awhile back to do mine, i still may get the Yamaha kit, see how it works for that price. Im happy with how mine turned out.
Turkey Hunter,
Who is your dealer?
Looking forward to getting mine!
Turkey Hunter,
Who is your dealer?
Ft Payne Motorsports in Ft Payne AL. Chuck and Charlie Sexton. Great people to do business with.
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Thanks for the info. I'll give them a call
I took my viking to the dealer this morning for the 20 hour service. They had one of the new kits a rep dropped off. They are putting it on my viking. I'll let you know how well it works.
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what the part number?
A little birdie posted "elsewhere" that the part # on the box was Yamaha #2PG-F83R0-V0
the one you installed is for the viking 6, the other ones will be here next month for 2014 vikings , 2015 vikings will all ready on them when dealers get them:cool:
The sound damping kit does make a good difference. I paid $200 for the install. They gave me kit free. The dept manager wasn't there today. I will call him tomarrow about the kit part number. I know it wasn't even in inventory yet
u paid 200.00 woo if u lived in western pa. i would of in stalled for 50.00 it takes 45 mins.:cool:
I spoke with the service manager today. It seems this part number is an internal production used by Yamaha. He thinks an actual part number for ordering will come out in the. next couple of weeks.
I'm curious on how well this works. I did a make shift kit out of rubber horse stall mat. Works good but was wondering if this would work even better and fit perfectly.
A little birdie posted "elsewhere" that the part # on the box was Yamaha #2PG-F83R0-V0
Try this part # 1XD-F83R0-S0-00
Glad to hear it makes a difference. Thanks for the part numbers,got my local dealer on the hunt for me!
Did u notice a difftrence im tired of screaming to communicate
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