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2015s without sound deadening kit?

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After doing some reading it appears my unit doesn't have the Yamaha sound deadening kit that was standard on the 2015s. While mine is a 2015 model year and showed a build date in October 2014, the dealer had only just received it from Yamaha on 6/17. So I'm guessing it was sitting around Yamaha's facility for a while. It didn't even have one mile logged on it before the dealer took me out on a familiarization ride with it the other day. Hadn't noticed it missing until I heard about this kit and knew what it was supposed to be.

So has anybody seen other 2015s without the kit?
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My 2015 also came without it. There is another thread on here where it was discussed that turned me on to it also. I called my dealer and they ordered it free of charge. They offered to install it but I did it myself with no problem.
the early 15s never had it installed the dealer is suppose to install them
Do you know if the dealer was sent a kit with the buggy or was it sent separately?

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at Paintsville power sports they were sent separately and if we had any 14s they got them put on free also the factory payed for it all
Go figure Bull and I bought ours from the same dealer, ordered them around the same time, mine had it his didn't. Not hard to put on, shouldn't have to though.
Well this Viking was something of an anomaly. He got a few camo non-EPS in when he never orders non-EPS. Story goes he had already accepted them and was assembling when they noticed they didn't have the EPS. He set me up with a good deal though with a pending EPS install so I'm willing to forgo the EPS for a while to save some coin.

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