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Bought our Yamaha viking from Lubbock Texas 1/2017. It came from the dealer with a 2" lift kit and 28" tires on beadlocks. I thought that this would be a great vehicle, but it has been a pain. We love every part about the viking except the noise, and the mechanical failures we have had.

Gone through 2 tie rods and 1 a Arm. The large tires grab very easily in erosion areas and debris.

Trouble began with the wet clutch. I was running Amsoil synthetic which when I told that to JBS he said you must run the stock Yamaha oil. So I went ahead and got a full extreme clutch kit from JBS. and wet clutch slug weights. All new housing and wet clutch as well. Installed with Yamaha oil and worked great for about 150hours. I started noticing some slipping again and less and less max speed. Started running about 38 mph. Clutch housing and wet clutch smoked again.

Rear Differential failed. The seal at the input shaft started leaking and lost its oil and thus ran dry and ruined the bearing for the input shaft and destroyed the housing. Put in a new rear diff.

Front right and Rear Left CV boots started making noise we cleaned mud from them and the CV boots were torn and no grease was left. So I put new axles as they aren't that expensive. I had already put 2 new CV boots on the front right.

And I think the straw that broke the camels back was the large plug to turn the crankshaft popped out of the motor and it started smoking some white smoke. After some forum research I found a similar circumstance and it was a head gasket/thermostat failure. I pulled the engine apart yesterday and sure enough, the head gasket failed. The sealing rubber on the metal surface was nearly gone. The head gasket looks like a poor design IMO. Most single cylinder engines have a black material covering the full face of each side of the metal gasket, and I have never had a failure like this. So once this thing gets fixed I'm looking at selling it. Unless I can prevent the engine and clutch problems from happening again. Does anyone have suggestions on my problems? or updated parts.

We service interval this machine as needed. usually every 75-100 hours. I think the manual calls for 150. And drive around in Low range most of the time and it's usually not needed. Just trying to be easier on clutches.
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