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2r tip on a viking

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Just put a 2r tip on the viking sounds pretty good nice deep sound but not loud
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They making those for the Viking now or did you just use one from a Grizzly?
Yes Please Tell.
Yea i ordered a tip from 2r for the 2014 grizzly I looked up the part numbers for the baffles for the grizzly and the viking and they were the same. I got the tip and it bolted right on
Since I'm cheap, here's what I did.... I went to my local hardware store and got a 1 1/2 inch (the opening is 1 1/2 inch, the overall diameter is the same as the muffler) steel floor flange. The four holes line up with the stock bolt holes and it cost me $6.75. I thought about then putting a nipple and a 45 degree aiming it down a bit, but think I'm just gonna let it flow straight out the back. It opens it up a lot!
I like the idea with the 1 1\2 flange. I may have to try that.
INstalled the 2R tip the other day also. It's a little louder than what I want but still like the sound better than stock. How would I go about quieting it down a bit? Any ideas?

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And a short video with sound please! Lol.
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I have both, the video is on you tube..... But I can't even find the dang thing so I know you all won't be able to. If I can manage finding the clip I'll post it. I did take the viking out last night for a little ride, it's not terrible, a little louder than the 02 Grizz. I'm going to either pack the muffler or take it off soon. Here try this....
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