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I only have 170 miles on mine with some mudding so here's mine... Don't use diff lock where you will will be needing the wheels to be spinning fast (stuck in a mudhole).. Use it where there is steep grade/loose ground and slow going.. I found the motor cuts out when trying to spin in the mud in diff-lock, so when playin in the mud,, just use 4wd... Hi-Low-- I run mine in low when my trails are rough and bouncy where the vehicle cant "cruise along".. you can tell you need to be in low when your moving slow and crawling over stuff.. So in short, smooth trail - HIGH,,, Rough rocky trail - LOW, Keep it in 2WD if the ground is stable and you see no reason to possibly get stuck,,, Generally speaking you will probably be in 2WD 90% of the time... Hope this helps
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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