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Greetings all,

I recently purchased a 2015 Viking VI EPS Camo edition. I added the folding windshield, side view mirrors and 2 Bluetooth Jambox speakers which I created a mount for. I am having a blast adding everything and now am ready to purchase a light bar. I had a 32 inch light bar on the hood of the beast but the vibrations knocked off one of the screws. I sold the lightbar and would like suggestions on where to mount the new light bar. I am thinking getting a 52" LED light bar and setting it on roll bars above the folding windshield but think it will tear the roof. Any suggestions?



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do you mind sharing which light bar you went with, and mounts used.

thanks again for all the help, this forum is awesome. really appreciate all the help.
I have a 50" Cree led light bar. I got the tube bracket from 50 CAL. The led bar and brackets fits under the roof and clears from the folding windshield perfectly it's a great fit. Tree branches no longer get caught up in the light..
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