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Any idea what my 2014 Viking is worth?

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Hey Guys, First of all I have nothing but good things to say about the Yamaha Viking. I took on more work than I should of and don't have enough time to use it anymore. I hate to see it just seating there. Its a 2014 Yamaha Viking with about 80hrs and 550 miles. Its red in color with all the factory stickers taken off. ( not a sticker fan) Has a viper 4500lb winch with remote, 52 inch led light bar, red led lights in cab, 4 polk mm in wakeboard cans with 800 watt Rockford fosgate marine amp,(very loud and clear) , spare battery with relay so it will not kill main battery when sitting playing the music, 2 in highlifter lift, 31x9.5x14 outlaws on all for corners with stir hd3 black rims. Has jbs upgraded clutch, springs and weights, snorkeled intake and clutch . Oil changes done every 10hrs. I think that's it. Very clean ,does have minor scratches from trail riding. Does anyone have a ball park figure of what its worth.
Thanks in advance
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probably about $1,500. Send me your address and I'll be there tomorrow to pick it up
Nice !! Hope it didn't depreciate that much. Lol
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I would think at least around here youd be at about $10,500 or so.. possibly 10
Can we see a full size pic of your avatar?
2014's stock around Florida (where you can find them) are asking about $11k...
I was thinking $12500 would be a good place to start. I know you don't get everything back on the aftermarket parts but I have over $4000 in aftermarket parts. Not sure how to download pictures on here but if you pm your number I can text pictures.
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