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Hi, I'm researching to find a tire/wheel combo to put on my Viking. I think I've read everything out there.

I bought a set of SE Rims off a Grizzly to put on my Viking thinking they were the same, they are not! These rims came with Zilla's on them in the same size as the Viking. When I was trying to install them (before I found out the back rims have different offsets on Vikings than Grizzly's) I weighed both combinations.

Grizzly SE Rims with Zilla's 24.2 lbs
Viking Steel Rims with BigHorns 33.2 lbs.

All I want is a nice looking wheel with just as good as stock tire. Now I know that even if I got spacers the SE wheels likely wouldn't work because of the center cap. I was very surprised to find out that there was a 9 lb difference between the two combinations of wheels and tires.

I don't want to add a lift kit or clutch kit. I'm happy with the way things are. I just want some nice looking wheels and I know bigger tires look better. I don't want rubbing ever, and I don't want to lose any performance. I'm thinking I should be able to go 27" with an aluminum rim and be about the same weight and thus not lose much performance and hopefully gain a bit top end.

Anyone know if 14" wheels add much weight if using the same size tire?
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