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Are going to come out with a roll cage extension and seats for the Viking?

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I have recently been looking for a UTV for a family of 5 which is no easy task. The only option I found was the Polaris Crew which looks more like a bus then a side by side, I was leaning towards the Polaris 900 but then came upon the new Viking. I like what I see with the 3 individual seats on this unit just wondering if in the near future I will have access to the roll cage and seat addition for the back for my other 2 kids. My twin boys are 8 and my daughter 10 so having the option of only adding 2 seats to the back of the viking if that becomes available will allow for more room as they grow. I have recently just purchased an acreage where i will need snow removal instead of just buying a quad and blade i want to make a step into the UTV market so that my whole family cane enjoy during the summer months.
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