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I had absolutely decided not to buy a S X S that was belt driven. So... Honda Pioneer was my choice. I recognized that I would do with less power, but "Honda" quality and my use as an elderly recreational trail driver made that acceptable. Using an abundance of caution, I decided that since there was another dealer in town selling a product with a proven reputation for quality products that I should check out the Yamaha before I spent that much of my retirement nest egg. The dealer patiently explained how the Yamaha "belt system" was very unlike the Polaris. I didn't pretend to understand all the details, but the main points made sense. The dealer took me for a ride and I was impressed by the difference in power and the ability of the Viking to climb steep banks v/s the Honda. Then we went down the steepest hill I had ever been down in anything.... yes I was holding the "Oh My G" bar with a death grip, which I expected to be buried with, and the automatic engine braking eased me down so gently that I was able to exhale. I was impressed and began to question my intention to buy the Honda. Doubts: The Viking is considerably louder. Long time recreational owners: What are the chances an after-market provider will solve this problem? I read on this site that a company had built a muffler for the Rzr. Are there other issues besides noise I should consider? Thank you,
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