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concerns about red hot header. anyone else?

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i contacted yamaha motor corporation (kathleen horder 800 962-7926 ext 7612). she told me yamaha had no complains at that time about the header becoming red hot. she advised me to have my dealer service department check the header at the next service. service department guy told me wrap the header with exhaust wrap. i wrapped the header. what do yall think?
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good job.... pretty much everyone else here has done that as well.... including me
thanks. i m a new guy and got some catching up to do.lol after i posted that i found the other posts addressing that problem.
Yeah, they know about it, cause i know for a fact, people on the forums have called them about it..anyways, i wrapped my along timea go, along with making a heat shield over the diff, it helped Temps alot!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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