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Dalton, GA comes through with Sound Dampening kit from Yamaha

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I called my dealer in NC for the sound deadening kit (with the part number) and they could not find anything for me.
I called Dalton, GA and the dealer had it on the shelf and mailed it to me.
The decibels were cut in half!

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My dealer ordered mine from GA as well, should be in next week. Was quoted around $95 for the kit. How long did the install take you? I'll probably pull the bed off, takes 2 mins and frees up a ton of room to work.
45 mins. You only need the back page of the instructions. Two sheets of plastic under the seat, two sheets behind the seats. Seatbelt rubber things and DONE.
No need to take the bed off, it was a simple job.
Must be nice. Cheapest I can get one is 125$. Which I said no friggin way
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I wouldn't mind having one of the new kits but,,, I have cut and placed some carpet under the seats of my viking and have found that to work well. It not only cut down the amount of noise but it also knocked down the amount of heat that enters the cab by half. and it didn't cost me near that much.
What are we talking about again? I got distracted by tmcelheny's avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We have sold a slew of these where I work! Seem to work well.
Yea i got one.. Its awesome... So much more pleasurable to ride... Def no need to remove bed.. To about 45 mjn or so
Got mine in Ft Payne Alabama for $115 Installed (Parts, and Labor). Retail on the part kit only is $77.00. Took 30 to 45 minutes for dealer to install. Thanks Chuck, Charlie, and Jamie.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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