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Debating on getting a viking

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New to the forum and have been reading many of the posts about the Viking and have narrowed it down between the viking and the pioneer 700-4. I do like the three seat bench of the viking. I don't plan on doing much work with it, mostly trail riding. I have been a Honda guy my whole life and don't know much about Yamaha. I've read about the loudness issues, how hot the engine gets and not sure if I’m really big on the belt drive transmission. Obviously most users on this forum are going to be biased toward Yamaha, but trying to do my homework. In the end i want something that is going to last a long time and give me the least amount of issues, reliability is one of my main desires. I had one Polaris in my life and it will be the last, screw them and their reliability.
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Welcome, Most folk are bias towards Yamaha, for good reason, for the most part there bulletproof, I've had all Yamaha's over the years, Not 1, has ever let me down.

Like you, I tried a Polaris, and for me, it'll be the last ever aswell. I could never recommend them to anybody, cause they suck, there dealer's suck, and them as a company sucks. My Ranger had 1 issue, 1, and close to 10 trips between 2 dealers, neither could find, repeat, or fix the issue, and it did this issue, from day 1, on the test drive off the showroom floor. Polaris didn't do anything to help us either.

Far as the Viking goes, I've had mine for a year in August, no issues at all, i fixed the loudness issue with soundproofing materials in the cab, and a Silent Rider exhaust silencer. Yamaha has one of, if not the BEST tranny in the sxs market, ive never heard of an issue with it. And for the Pioneer, i've read many peoples reviews on them on another Viking site, where people where looking at them, and the Viking, and chose the Viking because they liked the Power the Viking had over the Honda, and they also like that the Viking has LOW gear, which the Honday DOES NOT, and thats a biggie.
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Thank you for the reply. I went and sat in both today and wow is the Viking a much better machine. I am 6'2" and the pioneer feels way too small. I guess i have to start calling around and get the best price now for the Viking
Thank you for the reply. I went and sat in both today and wow is the Viking a much better machine. I am 6'2" and the pioneer feels way too small. I guess i have to start calling around and get the best price now for the Viking
Great to hear, i have no doubt you'll love it, and it'll be trouble free for years to come, my Yamaha's always have been like that. Good luck!!
Yamaha reliability and the mega cab area were all I needed to buy mine. I don't think you will be disappointed. Good luck.
I have a question concerning the width of these. I was just talking to the trail boss of our club and he brought up the point that some of our ATV trail bridges are only 60" wide ( to prevent vehicles from entering the trail system). These are spec'ed out at 61.8", are they indeed that wide at the tires or is that the overall width of the fender area? Thanks
I haven't checked in awhile, but lets just say that RZR 800 Is only slightly less wide at 60.5" and a Rzr 1000 XP is wider at 64"
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I have been getting quotes for the last two days and have noticed the power steering unit is around 1k more than the non powering steering. I'm learning toward non power steering to save 1k, any reason the power is worth the extra money?
I thought the same thing but now after having it I would not get one without power steering. And it really helps if you have bigger tires and makes it easier to control when you have the 4 wheel diff locked in. I had a rhino without power steering and it really makes it nice having it now.
i agree with james. the power steering well worth it. i was going to without eps to but changed my mind and glad i did. for me the power steering was only $650 more but evn for $1000 knowing what i know now i would still go with it. i think it makes a huge difference on ease of negotiating tight and winding trails considering our vikings are a little wider.
I got the eps as well and I'm cheap when it comes to some add ons. After riding my buddies 4 wheelers with it compared to mine without it and it was a no brainer. The difference was amazing! Me and the family did some trail riding this weekend and the viking with eps was easy to steer in all situations. No fatigue at all, like driving a car.
Eps is nice. Shop around an get an eps for a good deal close to non eps model. Shouldn't be 1000 difference.
Go to the Yamaha website, and look at the video of the Viking vs the Pioneer. Nuff said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought the Non-EPS model, and that money went to extra's I also put 27's on my stock wheels, and they ride perfect.You can't tell the diffrence.
Go with the power steering for sure. Worth every penny! I have worked at my local Yamaha dealership in previous years. Yamahas r very reliable! Don't worry about their belt drive either. We had one customer with a rhino that would come in for service work fairly regular, his stock belt lasted 30,000kms! And I can assure you his rhino lived a very hard life!
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