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EPS issues

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I'm having issues with my EPS and am wondering if anyone is experiencing the same. After plowing I brought the idle up to 1200 rpm to give the battery some charge time and after about 30-45 sec. of this my EPS light comes on and I loose power steering. If I shut it down and restart it won't reset but after driving it for about 15-30 minutes the EPS light turns off but still no power steering. according to my dealer who spoke with a Yamaha rep., you cannot bring the RPM's up while in neutral as it confuses the computer ( really ) and causes the fault, to reset the EPS I have to disconnect the battery which will reset the computer. I don't know but this sounds kinda funny to me.... any thoughts would be appreciated.

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on my apex xtx, the eps would quit if it was -30c until I would stop and the engine would warm it up OR if I was in the twistys lots and it is working a lot. Either way the light came on and when the machine either cooled down or warmed up it was good to go. Didn't happen very often
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