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everyone's thoughts

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So my brother in law was picking up his new rzr 1000 and the dealer told him that unless we are riding around at 30-40 MPH we all should be riding around in low gear and by riding around in high gear it tears the belts up faster. Just wanted some thoughts or input from everyone as to what you all think.
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I always ride in low unless its a flat road and I'm haulin' ass.
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I'll have to start doing that never knew it made a difference always learning something new!
Most of my riding is during hunting season plus my tires are 8 ply which makes them a little on the heavy side. If I'm just cruizin' around it's always in low range. Think of it as a 10 speed bike, you wouldn't just ride around in 10th gear all of the time...awful hard on your legs! I'm curious...you said your friend purchased a RZR. Having said that, the RZR's have a different system and belts are MUCH more of a weak link for them. Was the dealer talking about the RZR's or the Vikings?
Always in low.
Agreed always Low unless haulin ass

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I always ride in low unless im going to be driving over 30mph. Then ill stop, put it in high and haul a** :)
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20 is my rule
They told him with any product sxs or quads it should be in low or it could wear the belt faster
I am a Rhino owner, a former Ranger and Grizzly owner, and soon to be Viking owner......the Polaris system is always in a "slip" mode.......sorta.....but, the Grizz and Rhino never had a problem putt putting around in high.

I will see how the Viking "feels" putt putting around in high before I pass my opinion, but Yamaha's belt drive is flawless.
I agree with Jim1 Polaris have a different system. That's one reason I buy Yamaha's. If you don't need to go faster than low range goes I guess that's ok but where I live we have too much wide open spaces for that! Yamaha's belts are always tight so they don't slip a bit each time you start.
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