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First "real" ride

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So like the title says i went on my first real ride on sunday. i pull up to my riding buddys and they all come over to check out my new ride. the first thing everyone says is of course WOW THAT THING IS WIDE!!!! I did get alot of compliments and they loved the tires n wheels and that it sat higher and how comfortable it was but biggest discussion was the width. So i said well im here lets see wat she will do. we get to our first beer break and theres a few more guys. and again... wow thats wide. so i start getting nervous. we start our ride and although it was tight in spots i made it with no problems. even over some huge rocks n ruts i only lightly rubbed twice. we crossed a creek and met up with more guys and the same thing....wow thats wide! and there was canams rzrs and teryxs evrywer. i loved it. i was the only one with a viking and now im guessing it must look really wide or just awesome. LOL because evryone had to watch as i crawled up this steep, slick, wet hill like a tank. and again...wow thats wide. so anyway we did our 30-35 mile ride and get back to the party spot and they were still goin on about how wide it was. I finally spoke up and said. I WENT EVERYWHERE YOU GUYS DID!!! AND I DID IT LOOKING BETTER!!!! LOL. she took evrything i threw at her with ease and im now confident in how well and stable this buggy is, even if its not the fastest on the hard top. i had a blast and cant wait to do it again next week!
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Well said, I have herd that also. The viki n g makes my buddy's rzr 800 look small

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