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First ride pics

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I guess I should have waited until I put the winch on
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And the lift, and the bigger tires

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haha, now that's a good way to break one in :)
Awesome pic. Nice to see what it can do out of the box!
Thats looks like a nice spot
Invest in some snorkels
The winch will be here tomarrow.
But it was still fun.
The middle of the hole was about three feet deep:D
I have the 2' lift, 30" tires(Backs) and snorkels, and a brand new portable winch that rides in my tool box, that i havent used yet. I love three feet of water, and goes every where in "2 low". Set it up rite and you might not have to use the winch.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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