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Fluffy DOWN..........again....lol

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Well, I have been waiting to post this until I got word back from yamaha. After getting it all back together and making the new years ride. I got her all cleaned up, picked up my auto tune, got it installed and took it back to my tuner. He retuned it and got the timing adjusted and let me tell ya, What a difference some timing makes, BEAST MODE, I can ride in high gear now with my full YETI, my wife and kids, and I can accelerate at will. Anyway, went recently went to Hawk Mountain Off road Park. This place is absolutely awesome. Lots of technical slight uphill trails where the viking performed outstanding. I was even able to, one shot, a climb that turned away a razor 900s and a jeep jk on 37s. Around dusk I had a rear axle snap on me. I wasn't really doing anything, it just snapped, it looked like a laser cut it, so I wasn't to worried about it. I've seen shafts fail like that before and it's a metallurgy issue. Big props to slasher axles for replacing it, no questions asked. Anyhow, I swapped out the axle and my brother got there later that night and we struck to go exploring. We weren't doing any obstacles or anything. We were just cruising around all the access trails exploring. Which was still pretty damn fun because it was super muddy and that was the slickest damn mud I've ever been in. then disaster struck. We were coming down a little washout trail when all of a sudden fluffy wouldn't idle. So I figured I would just 2 foot it back to the cabin and see what I could figure out then. On the way out, there was a hill we had to climb it had a few ruts and stuff, but nothing really bad, but because I had my kids with me, I took no chances and locked it in. Well, about 3/4 of the way up we r cruising along, bouncing around when I heard a loud BANG, from the frontend, followed by several other noises. I figured I snapped a front shaft. Even though that seemed impossible, since I was moving and the wheels were straight and not in a bind, but something was broken, and bad. I managed to get it to the bottom of the hill where my brother and I checked it out and couldn't figure out what was going on. By thus time I was really aggrivated, my motor wasn't running right, and my frontend was broken. So I finally called it and just got towed out. Yall, ain't gonna believe this. I got it all cleaned up and still found no broken axle. After it sat in my garage over night. I had a puddle of oil under the frontend. Found the problem. A quarter sized hole in the front differential. Apparently a tooth broke off the ring or pinion gear and destroyed everything in the diff in the process, including busting the casing. I'm am very happy to report that even though my unit was technically out of the factory warranty, because it only has 144hrs on it, yamaha is going to cover my front differential, parts and labor. So, Fluffy will be back on the trail very soon. Good on Yamaha for standing behind their product.
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wow, props to Yamaha.

My buddy picked up a used R6 a while back and after having it for less than a month....it started running like shit.

Turns out his ECU was bad....keep in mind...this bike was abut five years old and way over warranty. Yamaha came through after the dealer refused to work with him and offered to replace the ECU free of charge........He dropped in the new ECU and hasn't had a problem since. He tracks the bike and rides it hard...bike just keeps on ticking.

Another reason I love Yamaha's....they stand behind their product if they see it was a defect on their behalf.
Dude, you should work for Yamaha testing and beat the heck out of new vehicles for a living.
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I'd like that. U know anybody at yamaha? Maybe u could hook it up. Lol
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