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Pulled the trigger on a 2016 Viking yesterday... Very good condition Hunter Green (meh) with 74 hours & 550 miles.
Aside from being dusty, looks like it's straight off the showroom.
Was advertised as 2015, so was happy to find out it was a '16 with the additional vibration mount/strut, sound dampening, bed mat over the '15

It will be used mainly for work/maintenance on our 88 acres SW VA (mostly wooded)... but might occasionally be used for play :lmao:

Main tasks will be hauling tools (chainsaws, brushcutters, fuel, etc.), an occasional load of firewood, dirt, gravel, rocks, etc., but will also drag our 3/4 mile gravel driveway (DR "Power Grader" + section of chainlink fence) and when needed, light snow plowing. We don't get a lot snow accumulation here (3"-6" average) and don't "HAVE" to go anywhere when it's above that, but have seen a couple of 12"-18" snows that kept our drive impassible longer than we wanted.

Looking for recommendations on the following:
- Windshield: not sure about full vs. folding, but airflow in the summer and wind/rain blocking the rest of the time is paramount​
- Combination winch & plow mounts: I've seen a couple that have a 2" receiver mount, but look a bit under-constructed. Would like to get a single unit that will both mount the winch AND accept a plow instead of multiple mounts that would likely interfere with each other/require modifications to work together.​
- Winch: I'm well versed on winch use, but appears the main differences are narrow vs. wide spool? Guessing it's a few more feet of cable and wider body on the wide spool? Any gotcha's relating to either & the Viking​?
- Tool mounts: Would like to be able to tote/secure the brushcutters​/long guns

Have ordered the plugs to add reverse lights, will likely drop a ridiculous light bar on the front, and will put a dome/bed light in for convenience.
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