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Ok lads here is a hack for a FREE 4 wheel Park brake!

I'm over adjusting that useless Park brake so I've come up with this...

Pull out your p/b cable leaving the front attached, now cut it in half.

Loop it over top of the shock tower/bar

Run it up to under the master cylinder, mark it and cut only the outer casing there,leave about a foot of inner and cut that too.

Drill a hole through the bottom of your master cylinder bracket and chuck in a old clutch perch adjuster that's kicking round in your shed somewhere.

Now feed the cable through, I used a few cable ties to secure the outer.

Drill a hole in the back of your brake pedal, feed the cable through and cable clamp it on itself. Again I used cable eye as not to fray the cable.

Done you now have a free mechanical 4 wheel park brake that uses your original Park brake as a lock.

The Park brake will depress the pedal but I suggest using your foot to take up the pressure and then use the Park brake purely as a lock.

I can't upload a video here but it works awesome!

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