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Hello from West Virginia

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Wanted to say hello to everyone. Purchased my new Blue Viking today it will delivered in a couple of days having accessories installed. Getting a top sense the blue model does not come with one, fold down windshield and rear panel. More accessories to come. Looking forward to learning and sharing info with everyone.
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Congrats on the new Viking and welcome to the forum!
Hello new guy, post pics when you get it

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You are gonna love it!
Here's my new Viking. It got delivered this week. Wheel Tire Car Plant Vehicle
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Thats awesome, love that color, congrads!!!
Me and my wife have been having a blast with ours! Welcome to the forum and congrats on the Viking!
Looks great Russ! I dig the windshield and roof as well.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Love it and the room you have in the cab.
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