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Help me make a decision purchasing Viking VI

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I have never owned a UTV, my father is in Pipeline construction business and he has asked me to send him one overseas. When I saw this I fell in love with it and I kind of sold it to him. I have looked around in Greater Houston area and found only two vehicles available at two separate dealers. I want to know what would be right price for a factory model and what accessories I should buy. I was also wondering if I can buy it online somewhere. I am a newbie in UTV's world I have owned a Polaris ATV for a year when I was a teenager and that is the extent of my experience in this world.

Viking VI is so new that there is almost no reviews available online and I am having a hard time purchasing one for my Dad.

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Welcome, Its a Yamaha, so pretty much bulletproof as they say. #1 Id put atleast some 27-28" Tires, and atleast a 4500 winch, and personally, i dont think it would hurt to have a LED light bar, he probally does alot of night driving in it, or early morning in the dark, that sure would help.
well come to the form,winch and bigger tires is a good start en joy :cool:
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