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help with accessories

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Morning fellow Viking owners.... well the mod list starts. Question, the skid plate on the Viking is welded to the frame. I see on UTV site, they offer a full skid plate kit. I asked them how it installs and they told me it goes on over the existing factory plate. Really?? I would like to get a bash plate and front and rear differential plates, any idea where I can get them? Also, any leads on light bars that won't break the bank?
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Welcome to the site, not sure on the skid plates, i haven't seen any aftermarket ones.
UTV Headquarters shows aftermarket full set. Guy I spoke to says they come from a company out west but seems kind of hokey to have to put a new set over the old and how the heck do you do that?
my guess would be, self tapping screws, and screw the mess out of it.
Love mine, gets load of hits out here in Nevada. Bought them from Ricochet in Utah. A bit expensive, but does the job real well. A 100% satisfied.
Be careful when installing the rear plates. I accidentally drill thru the radiator hose.
They make the best, and seem to be the fav across the different forums im on.
I was able to order just the skid plates and bash plate by itself a d the guards for the a-arms separate ly off of utv head quarters
Contact Chuck of Charlie Sexton at Ft Payne Motor Sports in Ft Payne Al 256-997-9115 There great to do business with
Liquid Bottle Gas Cylinder Camera accessory

We make a 100% UHMW skid plate, it is 100% made in the USA. We use the highest quality UHMW. All holes are recessed to protect your bolt heads. The pieces have a tongue and grove design to overlap for a tight fit.

Welded plate, we did not take off. I contacted Yamaha on taking this off, they welded this plate to protect the machine and add stability to the frame. It was not something we were going to take off on our design.
Our design has a great tight finish on the machine and with 100% UHMW it will protect your machine in any condition. With 100% UHMW, it will hold up in extreme heat and cold. 100% UHMW was designed to line conveyor belts and dump trucks in a mining operation. It is made to take a beating and not lose the structure.
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