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Some of you may already know about these but, if not, this is something I HIGHLY recommend!
For years I carried jumper cables in all my vehicles, and then a friend of mine pointed out the fact that if I was the last truck, quad or SxS on the mountain (and I usually am) jumper cables would do me no good. This product comes in various ratings and sizes( I have the XP-10 for diesels) and some are even small enough to carry in your pocket. They also have the ability to run a laptop, charge a phone or run a 12v accessory. Several years ago we were hunting in Colorado and I had taken an elk. By the time we finally got it back to the truck it was midnight and we started the 20 mile drive down the mountain. Just a couple miles into it we came upon two elderly gentlemen stuck along the side of the road with a dead battery. It was well below freezing and, if we had not come by, they were planning on trying survive the night in the truck. This is why I really think of these as a safety item now. Again, with jumper cables, if you have a dead battery and no other vehicles come by…you are walkin’or spendin' the night! That’s going to be NO fun 15-20+ miles back in the boonies!!! Don’t forget, the days of the pull starter are pretty much long gone so, along with your Vikings, this is great for your quads, trucks, cars and SxS's as well!
FYI: You can shop around and find some pretty good deals (XP-10 for $139 e-bay)

Here ya go Micro-Start Personal Power Supply (PPS)
Check out the starting demo video Micro-Start Videos, Demonstrations - Antigravity Batteries

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Good post mass. Im going to get one. Its really a no brainer. Im always alone in hunting season and pretty far back in. Id be pissed if i came back to my viking aftr dark and the battery was dead and i had to walk the whole way out. That little gadget could literally be a life saver
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