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Howdy from Looziana

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I was one of the first members of Nathan's Rhino site, back in 2003.....I bought Rhino serial number 224, which was one of the first ever made. I bought it new in November of 2003, and it was a 2004 model.....basically, we were all getting a Grizzly with a body and a steering wheel.

Well, I loved that thing, and she's still running strong in the Louisiana swamps. I left to go to the darkside, because I needed something BIGGER, and got a 2008 Polaris Ranger XP, but just couldn't quit forgetting how great Yamaha was for longevity. I never had any problems from the Ranger, but, I feel she's lacking......

Alas, I am about to purchase a 2015 Viking VI, in red, and LET THE MODS BEGIN!!!

Thanks for having me.

Jim in Looziana
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Glad you picked a Yami!
Welcome to the forum!
Do you still have the Rhino?? How many miles are on it?
Lord, I couldn't even guess a number......she still runs like a top!
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