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Insurance for the Viking?

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How many of you have insurance on your viking? What type of coverage do you have and cost are you paying?
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Just got Ins. placed on mine today. $309.00 year. Here is a copy of the e-mail from my Ins. guy.

" Dan, I just priced this out and the premium with liability and physical damage coverage with 500 deductible on comp and collision would be $309 for the year. As the value of it drops we can change the value of the UTV as the pricing is based on the value of the machine."
Hope this helps.
I paid 251.00 for a year. 100/300/100 coverage 250.00 deductible. best deal I could find. I called my agent at farm bureau they wrote it through a company called Foremost I think.
I had State farm and they wanted $404 full coverage with 100/300/100 and $500 dedu. They considered it a dunn buggy. Switched insurance companies and went with Erie insurance and got it for $228 full coverage. Ended up switching all my insurance at that point and saved over $700 a yr and got better coverage. My high quote on the Viking got me to shop around. Its a pain in the ass to switch with lots of insurance but well worth the effort.
Picking up my Camo EPS Viking today and added this to my Geico Policy for $232 a year. 100/300 and $500 deductible for comp/collision.
i have mine insured through erie also. $316/yr. went with a $250 ded. and $3000 accessories coverage
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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