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just got my viking and getting it ready

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Picked up my Viking yesterday now I am getting it ready. I have the fold down windshield and bed mat. The which goes on Wednesday. I will try to figure out how to get the pictures up so people can watch it happen.
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Yea, lets get some pics of that thing once you get your upgrades on!
Congrads!! Your gonna love the Viking. Its fun modding them out too!!! Heck ive already installed many things on mine, we install all our stuff. Dealer wanted to much.
We got our Viking two weeks ago and are really enjoying it. It's cold cold cold in the mountains of Utah this time of year. The windshield helps but I just ordered the enclosure from yamahaenclosures.com. I spent a chilly afternoon putting the winch on. 95% done.

We foster dogs and some just need to run even when it's way too cold. I attach an aluminum pole with a leash on the end so the fast dogs can run along side the Viking. Great fun.
Welcome and Congrads. And that for taking care of the Dogs, i dont have one anymore, i but i used to, and i love them. After the last one, i had to put down, because it got to mean, I didnt want to go through that feeling again.

Should be really nice with the enclosure, alot better with the cold air not blowing on ya. We installed all our stuff aswell, the Winch wasnt to bad, and it was alot better than paying the dealer $125 to do it, that was spent on other mods!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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