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looking for fender flares

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my executioner tires sling mud everywhere. don t think the yama fenders going to work for me. like the yama accessories but they think alot of them. guess you got to pay to play. is there aftermarket accessories for the viking? looking for wider fender add ons or flares.
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I just got mine fender flares from yamaha parts warehouse.com. you will need to order them off the new Se viking and if you order them separate they come out to $48. Plus shipping. If you order the kit its $170. I just used nuts and bolts I had. Worked out great. Hope this helps.
i would get them, but honestly, i dont think they stick out far enough, to be worth the money, need some that stick out more, those Yamaha are mostly for looks imo.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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