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Looking for winch advice

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I have been thinking of putting a winch on the Viking 6. I have found two winches for a great price at a local auto parts store. The first is a Warn vantage 4000lb for $429. The second a Superwinch Terra45 4500lb for $369. Are these winches any good for a Viking 6 that will be loaded to full capacity? I don't plan on running in mud, but once in awhile may get hung up. Thanks for any information.
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Also look at kfi 4500. Check amazon and ebay.

Try viper winches from motoalliance. They are very good.
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warn is the way to go ;)
Do you think a 4000lb warn would be enough for a Viking 6?
Also look at kfi 4500. Check amazon and ebay.

Try viper winches from motoalliance. They are very good.
I never heard of kfi winches. Do you like yours?
So far so good. Used it all winter for plowing. Also moved a lot of trees last fall.
Oh, get one with a synthetic cable.
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I'm have the Warn 4000 with the synthetic rope. Works great, although with those Outback Max tires, I haven't used it too much! :)
Here is the link to MotoAllliance. Don't forget you will need a Viking mount in addition to the winch itself.

Motoalliance Viper Winches
I read a few reviews for them winches on line (after I bought my Warn) and all of them were good!
And for what it is worth, if you buy anything from MotoAlliance you will get the best customer support available anywhere.
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I have a warn 3500 lb winch and haven't had any problems. But I'm usually pulling other people out with it because like Rob I have outback max tires!
I'm running the superwinch Terra 45 got it and the mount plate on amozon for $270 works good just seems a little slow spooling in but no funny noises or grinding sounds
I have a 5,000 # Badlands winch I bought at Harbor Freight for like $200 with a full replacement warranty and havnt had any problems with it.
The basic rule of thumb is to multiply the gross weight of your vehicle by 1.5. The gross vehicle weight includes a full tank of gas, the driver and passengers, and all of the tools and gear you carry along with you. Weigh your fully loaded vehicle on a truck scale for the most accurate total, or if you can’t weigh your rig on a scale, estimate the gross weight as precisely as you can.
This total gives you the minimum rating needed for your rig. Note that this is only the minimum. If you wheel in mud, the sucking force of the mud will make your winch work harder. The same rule applies to other situations where getting unstuck requires extra power. When you’re trying to decide on the best winch size, take into account where you ride and how bad you might get stuck.
IMO, a 3000lb winch is the minimum and a 5000lb winch is cheap insurance. The difference in price is not that great. Also, a "wide spool" winch is always better.
Another thumbs up for Moto Alliance...ya can't beat the customer service! Here's a 4000lb wide spool with everything you need for $283 Viper Max 4000lb Winch Mount with 65' of Steel Cable for Yamaha Viking | eBay
BTW: Moto Alliance now makes a 6000UTV winch.
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i guess I have a lot to take into consideration. One thing I would like is a nice dash mount switch, not the ones that mount on handlebars.
I've got the wide spool KFI Stealth 4500W and love it. Cheers

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I have a waren 3500 on my VI been works great have used probably 30x in 200 miles plus yard work no issues. I'm quick to winch instead of getting completely buried or hitting things full tilt n breaking stuff, it's a big rig to take things on the chin
I was at the Yamaha dealer yesterday looking at winches. The salesman pointed out that the Yamaha winch comes with everything to complete the install. Theirs is $700 bucks. Of course I know he wants to sell his but I don't have deep pockets. What all do I need if I purchase a kfi from, say Motoaliance?
I just bought the Champion 4,500 winch for my '15 Viking VI and I was curious how it reacted to water. More so, being submerged on multiple occasions. Any issues? Also, if anyone has any suggestions on alternative winches that have a high tolerance to water I would appreciate it.
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