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Mud Flaps

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My Viking came with the mud flaps installed. Most of the pictures I see posted on this site do not have them.... are you guys removing them? What are your thoughts????
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You must have bought an SE.

I think they look Dumb. I would only use them if it were required for riding on the streets.
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Ya I bought the EPS SE... so it came with some extras. Maybe I'll remove one to compare this weekend.
The flaps come with the SE models, not the standard models. I'd remove them asap.
I agree with badmonkey and viking2k14. they look dumb. take them off asap!
Come on out to Arizona with all the dust, sand, and silt. You can't even see the brake lights when you're done riding, that's a problem when you can drive on the streets. Plus it gave me a great place to hang a license plate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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