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My new ride

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well she finally arrived today. im so excited to fill the bed up with beer and go for a nice long ride. did get a little ride in today. hopefully a longer ride tomorrow. gona post some pics. hope i did it right


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Cool Ride, really like the Camo, Congrads!!!
yes sir you are correct. the dealer recommended them and they had good reviews so i went with them. went for a 20 mile ride last nite and they did great. went through a big mudhole and they just crawled right through. plus they look bad***
Looks awesome! I really like the camo on these rigs.
same rims tires as me, go very good on every thing :cool:
They are great looking tires, i looked into them, when i desided on the 28" Bighorn 2.0s, but at the time, whasn't alot of reviews on them.
Nice setup. Congrats
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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