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My new viking

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Picked up my new Viking :biggrin-new: But had to get a new trailer to go with it because my old trailer was to small now :( Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Automotive tire
and Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire
a nice sunny day. Problem was, dealer ordered wrong plow blade for the mounting kit and had to reorder, guess what happened, u guessed it, Tire Car Wheel Snow Land vehicle
, new blade finally showed up, got it mounted, and u guessed it, now no snow, Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Automotive parking light
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I looks good on that nice new trailer, unfortunately that thing won't look new for long if you leave it outside. You will experience premature fading of the plastics, dried cracked seats and rust a lot sooner than you want to
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I remember when mine looked like that...minus the Plow.

I had to get a new trailer too.

Get yourself a nice waterproof cover on eBay for a Ranger, fits perfectly. Keeps the sun, rain, ice etc off your ride.
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Thanks for the info, I'll do that
Great idea on the cover if it not going to be kept in a garage
I was wondering what size trailer that is. I am getting ready to make my new viking purchase and it looks like I will also need to get a new trailer. It looks like the size you have fits it well. Thanks.
I've heard a 6x10 will work, but I went 6.5x12
The trailer size I got was a 6'x12', fits perfect and leaves enough room to load viking with the plow mounted
Sweet viking. I picked the same unit up this past fri. Figured I would would just use it as is for a while but after the first ride I now need a windshield and mirrors. Its my first SxS and what a blast they are. Hope you enjoy the new toy!
I recommend the Vented windshield from UTV Head quarters, its really nice. Ive got the side folding mirrors from them aswell.
Just waiting for my 4wheeler to be picked up this week and I will be placing my order thru utv headquarters. I'm getting the folding mirrors and vented windshield. Can't wait.
you love both, be sure to post some pics!!!
Decided to get a little trailer to pull behind my Viking, two axle on a walking beam suspension, and I don't like pin hitches so I bought the hitch conversion kit to change it to 2" ball. The trailer has a payload rating of 1250 pds. Wheel Tire Vehicle Plant Car
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire
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I have thought about getting one for mine, where did you get it, and was it that color or did you paint it

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Nice little trailer! That should come in really handy for all sorts of things around the house.
I bought mine online thru Home Depot, that's the color you get. The hitch conversion kit to 2" ball was an extra $34. You can also find the same thing on Amazon, tho I couldn't find the hitch kit there, just at Home Depot. It also comes as a single axle trailer, same payload rating, but with 2 axles it will "float" better across any soft terrain with the load spread out over 4 tires versus 2 tires. Price wise they came out about the same, HDepot was "free" shipping, Amazon was cheaper, until you read the fine print were it was $130. for shipping. It came out where total cost was about $20 more thru HDepot, but then the lady I called at HD to see if they would match Amazons price said they couldn't, but then gave me a $50 dollar gift certificate to also use at the store, so I came out ahead. When you receive it, you have to put it all together, wife and I did it in about 2 1/2 hrs. Instructions don't tell you how much air pressure to use in tires, but on the side walls of tires it says to use 4-10 psi, I am running 6 psi in mine, have had a little over 600 pds. of weight on my trailer and the tires barely showed any squat at all. It's called the YU Traxx ATV off road trailer, and the 2 axle model runs about $650 including shipping thru HD
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