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Need some advice on wheels and tires

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I bought my Viking last fall. I got the factory wheels and they have been fine till yesterday. Yesterdaay i had my first chance to take it on some trails;) had a great time. Kept up with my friends in their Razors with no problems. But we all agreed it would look better with some bigger tires.And probably rub on the rocks a little less as well. OK as for my questions. What is the bolt pattern on a viking? what is the largest i can put on it before needing a lift kit. And any suggestions as to where to shop for them
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Bolt pattern is 4/110.

Ive seen people running anywhere from 29.5 to 30" On the Viking.

Ive got 28" Bighorn 2.0s on 14" wheels, not even close to rubbing
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I've got 28" Mudlite XL's on my viking with 14" wheels and have had no problems at all.
If you're looking for some really gnarly and tough tires I would highly recommend Pit Bull Tires. I've run them through snow, rough desert terrain, wooded trails and even used them at the King of The Hammers. Here's some videos I've shot with them:


I'll second that on the Pit Bulls. I do a ton of hunting and these tires are impressive! Also, if you are going to be in the rocks a lot, I would recommend 12inch wheels.

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Man those Rockers look good on your Viking!
Can't beat Pit Bull tires. Awesome traction and a superb ride.
Thanks Folks...I am VERY happy with the Pit Bulls. Softest riding 8 ply tire out there. Many people think, because they look so aggressive, that they ride rough...I can assure you that they do not. Awesome in the tuff stuff and wear like iron as well!

BTW...I did a bunch of research and found Discount Tire had the best delivered price!
Mass-n-trash, thanks for your support. Always good to find a tire that over delivers.
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