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New Family here from Alabama... We love to ride!!

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My Family and I are very happy to be able to join the Viking forum... We just purchased our side by side lil over a month ago. We needed to get us a side by side cause our 5 year old lil girl wanted to go with us soo bad and we only had a Yamaha Kodiak 450 "lil hard to put three people on that" so we made the decision that it was time for an upgrade.... and im a HUGE Yamaha fan...
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Welcome to the site, we are happy to have ya'll!!!
welcome to the forum and congrads on the new viking. dont forget to post some pics!!!
Congrats on the new toy and welcome to the forum!
Welcome. works really nice to have the extra seat my daughter love ridin too.
We also have a 3 person family, can't wait till my 6 month old gets a lil bigger... Viking is perfect for tons of reasons... Post up some pics!

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Welcome to the forum!
You won't be dissatisfied. I've used and abused mine. No problems at all.
Welcome to the Viking family from western Pennsylvania
Welcome from Texas!!! Let's see the Viking

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Have three in the family myself and have found the Viking to be a great buggy for the family.

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Welcome from Australia mate, it's nice to have a baby seat mounted in the middle for our 3yr old who loves the mud. Cheers

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Where at in Alabama? I'm from Alabama too
There is a cousin joke in here somewhere.....LOL!!!
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Welcome Jason and Tiffany, Myself and Becky are in Montgomery. I've only had mine since June 6th.
only if from the Auburn Opelika area! LOL
Welcome from VA. Glad to have you here.
Welcome to the viking forum from arizona.
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