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New here from ohio

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Just got a 2014 viking love it so far live in south east ohio anyone else from the area get a hold of me to go ride did have brake noise like everyone talks about but had another thing it seems like it took a while for diff lock to engage anyone else have that happen
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Welcome to the site. Sometimes mine is slow to engage as well. I've had mine a couple of weeks now.
Welcome aboard!!!
Ok I also have a 660 grizzly and it has always went right in diff lock when u push button I didn't know if it was something I should have looked at before the warranty is up
ello welcome ... the book says to turn left and right till it locks... it works for me
Welcome to the Viking forums!

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Welcome from north east ohio

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welcome to the forum and congrads on the new viking
Welcome! Enjoy that viking!!
Ok this mite sound like a dumb question but how do u post pics was gona put a few on from the day I got it and after 1st ride
Third icon from the ribbon above has the "Insert Image". Welcome from Texas, and hope you enjoy your Viking as much as we do.
Congrats on your new viking. I had that problem with my brakes when I first got it, just rode them a little while driving and has since gone away. I also had a couple of hard times with diff, just had to shift the wheel from the right to left a little to get the gears engaged. And that's worked a lot better for me ever since too.

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congrats and welcome. no issues other than noisy for me and 30"s rubbing a bit on the bolts on the inside of the front fenders
Thanks for all the input still can't upload pics I do everything from phone so maybe that has to do with it first thing I want to get is a winch is a 3500lbs good enough or will I strain it and be replacing it in a year or should I just get a 4500lbs
no such thing as too much winch when ur stuck. I would spend the money once!
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