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New Member, New Viking, Lots to do!

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Hello fellow members. I just picked up my 14' Viking Sunday from the local dealer. I traded my much loved 09' Grizzly 700. So far this machine has surpassed every expectation I had hoped for. Lucky for me my tires and wheels moved right over and was able to keep from havin an anemic looking Viking with tiny factory tires. I've got a whole list of mods lined up and can't wait to get started. Already done is wrapping the exhaust pipe with header wrap and tomorrow the bed gets Linex'd. We took it out for a 20 mile ride through the desert on Monday, it was fun having my wife and son with me. Now I load up a cooler and some firearms to tag along.

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Hello new guy, those wheels look good
Welcome to the family. Congrats and hope you enjoy your new ride.
welcome, looking forward to seeing the upgrades as you do them.
Welcome to the forum! Congrats on becoming a Viking Owner!
Thanks all, I've posted a heat shield thread that I fabbed up. I'm glad accessories for the Viking are cheaper than my gun buying habits.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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