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Got some new rims and tires

STI HD Beadlock 12x7" 5+2 rims are 14 lb each
Artrax CTX Radial Tire 26x9x12 are approximately 21 lbs each. 6 Ply

Stock Viking rims and tires

Rear rim is 25x7.5x12
Front rim is 25x6x12

Rear tire is 25x10x12 Maxxis Bighorn 4 ply
Front tire is 25x8x12 Maxxis Bighorn 2 ply

Non OEM Maxxis Bighorns are 6 ply, only OEM skimp for cost and weight

Rear stock tire\rim combo weight ~31-32 lbs
Front stock tire\rim combo weight ~27-28 lbs

My new STI\Artrax wheel setup is ~35-36 lbs, an increase of 3-5 lbs on the rear and 7-9 lbs on the front. I will avoid doing high speeds in 4WD mode.

Stock Viking rear outside tire-to-tire width is 62"
Stock Viking front outside tire-to-tire width 60"

With my new setup, 26x9x12 tires on 12x7 rims with 5+2 offset on all 4 corners:

My rear outside tire-to-tire width is stock at 62" (Stock 10" down to 9" tire)
My front outside tire-to-tire width increased to ~63" (Stock 8" up to 9" tire)

The increased front track should help stability albeit looking weird being wider than the rear.

With HW machined sheave, slugged wet clutch, purple spring, 14 gr weights, and .3 mm shim and stock 25" tires I was barely hitting rev limiter at max 55-56 mph (hit rev going downhill).

Going to 26" heavier tires I'll have to GPS to ascertain my top speed, but the in-town radar showed me 2 mph slower than what speedo showed. I'm betting my speedo is accurate now (I wonder if the Wolverine and Viking have the same speed calculations despite the Wolverine coming stock with 26" tires vs Vikings 25" tires).

I will probably increase shim to .5 or .8 mm to compensate. My only other concern is that I'm no longer 62" compliant, slight front lift bring it back into spec? The Artrax tires are radial construction and actually have more surface area than my stock 10" wide tires as the contact patch is flat and the lugs are bigger/closer together as well.


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i have a great set of tires on rims (14) fit a yamaha viking
theres 126 miles on them
purchased $1000 asking $500 firm cash - can deliver for fee
im in brooksville FL
352-610-2280 image1.jpg image3.jpg
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