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Well the can am was a great machine, I had no issues what so ever. It of course has all the horsepower you ever needed. The ride on the commander was smooth, I ran 28x12x12 big horns on all 4 corners. Well theres 2 things I did not like about it, 1st was the 4 wheel differential. It took 6 revolutions of the tires to engage, 2nd trying to rock climb the throttle is so sensitive it was very difficult to manuver slow around obstacles. Oh, 1 more the cab was hot to much engine heat. The reason I traded was because I wanted a 3 seater so my girls can come with me. My dad is a huge rhino fan and he has had them for years and ive seen what they can do so it was a no brainer that the viking had everything I wanted. The horsepower difference between the two machines does not bother me because of the style of riding I do rocks, mud, hills and I love the locking diff in the yamahas, so that is the main reasons I traded. Can am is like riding in a roller coaster when u stomp it. Hopefully down the road yamaha will produce something with that type of power. I love my viking and going to have years of fun in it.
Thanks for sharing the pros and cons! I was wondering how the two compared.
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