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New Viking?

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Hey all, new to forum. Been thinking about a S x S for about 6 months. Really was thinking 825i Gator vs XP900. Then I started to look around and noticed Yamaha has released the Viking. I have a Grizzly Quad and love it so I think the Viking may be a good fit. The leg room is a big issue in the 825i for me since I am 6'4" 250lbs, very very cramped in the 825. The XP900 just feels a little cheap I guess, not a polaris fan in general in the quad department. I will mostly be riding gravel roads and checking corn fields. Rock picking in the spring. Thinking about a plow for winter so I can do the drive way. What do you guys think about the Viking vs my other two options? Couple specific questions:

-What is the top speed? Need to be able to travel gravel roads and a couple paved roads safely and have 5 miles between some fields.

-Is there a good, factory quality cab option? Love the XP900 cab. Would like removable doors for summer maybe. Heat for the winter.

-Would a Viking handle a Boss UTV V-plow plow?

-Is there a power dump option or the bed? This would be nice for a full load of rocks.

-Viking quality? The 825i feels good to me, excellent quality. The XP900 feels a little more plasticy and I worry about the longevity of the unit in general.
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I've had my Viking for almost a year now and I love it. Don't know much about the plow down here in Texas but the top speed is 50 mph. Factory rev limiter shuts it off there. I've taken mine through some tough stuff and never broken anything. I'm usually the one pulling out the Polaris and can-ams!
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I've had mine over a year and I love it. Travels 50 mph easily, like stated above, it will handle a snow plow fine but I'm not sure about the v plow though. The dump bed works great with shocks on it so I haven't looked for a power dump option, I have on the other hand looked for a full cab. Ifyou get on eBay a look for a cab to fit it there are a few options out there from soft cabs to hard cabs. Ranging from $550 - $4500 and yes there several heater options also. As far as leg room I don't think you will find a side x side out there with more leg room. I'm not 6'4" but I am 6' and 225, and I'm very comfortable.

A little extra info for you is I recommend getting an EPS version. When you lock the diff lock in you will be glad you have it, plus if you do any riding in rocky areas, regardless of the name on the side, EPS is such a help. Hope this helps you. Just can't beat a Yamaha's reliability.
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Thanks guys for the quick replies. I have been looking at some soft cab options since the hard cabs are a lot of $$$ to say the least. Not sure I need a heater with a good windshield and soft sides. In the winter I am usually in Carhartts anyways. I see Yamaha now offers soft sides and rear window so this maybe plenty without killing the budget. Does Yamaha offer a windshield with a wiper option? I am for sure getting EPS. I keep reading how these machines are loud. I then read there is a sound reduction kit from Yamaha. I couldn't find this on their web site? Also does the roof mount radio work well? Loud enough to hear? Does it get in the way for tall guys head room or visibility?

Also just to see what the rumor mill has is there going to be a 1000cc Viking later this year? When I go to 2016 S x S there is no Viking listed yet. Curious the thoughts.
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Won't know tell September on the new sxs
I think u will like the Viking.i owned a prowler before the Viking the Viking has a lot more leg room
I also owned a prowler before the Viking and not only did it not have a lot of leg room but it broke down all the time lol. The reason I didn't buy a ranger was because of leg room I am also 6'4" and 250 and I can ride all day with no comfort issues.
Haven't had mine long, but as far as leg room I'm 6'4" 250 and have plenty of room. And we've had ours at 50mph with me and a buddy that's bigger than me. The bed seems like it's balanced well enough to dump whatever you could fit in it. I've had Yamaha products for years and they're built better than most. The only issue with the Vilking is it's still pretty new, there's not a ton of aftermarket stuff for it, but I'm sure it's coming. Hope this helps.
Hello everyone! I purchased my 2015 Viking last Saturday 6th of June. I took it out for its first tests this past Saturday and all i can say is IMPRESSIVE!
It's my first Side by Side and I love it. Of course I want to buy all of the accessories for it but that will have to wait. I am Looking for aftermarket accessories so ya'll post em when ya can.
I noticed the brakes squeaking and I have seen some threads on here about it but I guess its normal.

Ya'll holla!

Jdawg in Bama
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