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Opinions needed

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I have purchased a Viking 6 special edition. They had to bring it in from another dealer, but was told the SE came with a hard roof. But phoned later to inform me they made a mistake and that it was a soft top. But as promised they would order me a hard for free. They phoned today and told me the hard top is on back order. Then they offered to give me accessories up to the value of the roof. I don't know what to do. What would you guys do? Will the soft top hold up for 5+ years? I like the idea of free accessories, but I need a roof that won't leak.
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I have the soft top on my regular viking for about a year it has held up good with no holes from tree branches and such the bad is it has to be taken off when u haul it down the road
Wait for the hard top to come in and use the soft top till then.
I have the OEM soft top and it's great.
Hard top hands down.

Mine has taking a licking from branches and no need to remove it when your gong to haul it.

It's well worth the wait.
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