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Pulled the trigger

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Ordered a special edition with the plow front and rear window cover extra battery and a Kolpin 3 point high he with A back blade and rake . Hope to pick it up tomorrow night
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Sweet, post up some pics when you pick er up!
Be 6 weeks before the hitch comes in
Welcome and congrats
Hello new guy
Sounds like your going to have a great ride, look forward to seeing some pics, oh yea welcome to the forum.
welcome to the forum and congrats on the new viking
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Waiting on accessory's
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Sweet ride, Congrads!!!!
Been on other viking forum for a while. Just signed up for this one today. Pulled trigger on Green EPS yesterday. Will pick it up next Friday.
Having second thoughts, might go back this morning and change to special edition. Think I really like the black.
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That black Viking is cool looking. Time to get it dirty!
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