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Rear window for 2015 Viking EPS

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New to the forum so please be gentle.
Just purchased a 2015 Viking but according to my dealer Yamaha does not have a rear window that will currently fit it because of the already installed sound kit on it. (Installed at the factory) Says a window that will fit a 2014 will not fit the 2015. Any suggestions out there.
Thank you in advance,
Lonely Lake Guy
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It'll fit, if sound kit already installed you will have to take it loose, install back window, then reinstall, will have to make some small cuts in window canvas for new zip ties, but works fine, almost everyone that bought a 2014 had to do it that way when the dampening kits finally came out, including me

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Thank you for your help. I'll get one ordered today.
I have the hard window, and cannot see where/how it would interfere with sound kit.
I did not know you could get a hard rear window for the Viking. Can you tell me who ( company) you got yours from?
Thanks in advance
Do you like the hard rear window? does it make it any quieter?
I thought Yamaha made a hard rear window but I can't find it on the Yamaha Canada page now. I see Kolpin make one too... anyone suggest one over the other? I have the flip down front and I like it but would like to get a back, just waiting to make sure I buy the right one.
Think I am gonna try and make one out of some type of flexible clear vinyl. something that will roll up when trailering the viking. seen some stuff for rhinos on cabelas. Can't be to hard
I have the 2014 Model, and the sound kit was added first. Then the rear window without any problem.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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