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Newbie here. Don't know if anyone has done this or not, but I figured out how to "by-pass" the seat belt safety. On the driver's seat belt latch there is a single wire running up into the latch. The latch is held together by 4 screws (Torx T10 or T10.5). Take out the 4 screws and the latch cover (black plastic) comes off in 2 halves. You will see where the black wire goes up to the top corner of the lower half of the plastic cover. The wire goes into a plastic gizzmo that looks sort of like rubber refrigerator magnet material. On the other half of the plastic latch cover is another gizzmo that sort of mirrors the gizzmo with the black wire. Use a small screw driver or awl and remove the gizzmo that does not have the wire going into it (it just fits snugly in a slot in the plastic latch cover); it will slide up and out of its slot. After it comes out, just re-assemble the latch covers while leaving the gizzmo with the wire in place. Now you can ride sans seat belt without the engine cutting out or any chimes ringing or buzzers buzzing.
I have both a '17 Viking EPS and a '19 Wolverine X2 R-Spec and this "trick" worked on both of them.
I just put the removed gizzmo into the ziplok bag with the owners manual. It can be replaced at any time, no muss-no fuss.
Hope this is helpful to those of you who don't always want to buckle-up in order to keep the engine from cutting out.
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