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Early protective helmets were made of thick leather. First bikes were relatively slow and safe, which is why leather was preferred by riders. It was light and offered decent abrasion protection. As bikes became more powerful and fast, the number of head injuries surged, which is why one of the British neurosurgeons offered to protect riders’ heads with hard shell helmets. More about the helmet history you can read in the full article at the link below.

All modern helmets must be certified in order to ensure the required level of protection for the user. Different states and jurisdictions have different requirements for helmet safety, which is why helmet testing procedures vary from organization to organization. If you want to know more about impact tests, roll-off tests, shell penetration tests, and so on, read the full article available at the link below.

Powersports Helmet Certifications | What are the Differences among DOT, ECE, SHARP, & SNELL?

Click the image to enter the article page at POWERSPORTSiD.com
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