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I know there are 500 threads on tires. A-i haven't seen any on stock mongrels, B-half of them digress into nonsense. C-Its often smaller tires 27", or larger 30" tires with swamp paddles etc being discussed.

-I have a stock height 2014 viking, I do have Bandit UTV shocks on it.

I want to purchase a set of 14" rims and 30" x 10" mongrels. I have seen the original articles of when the machine came out about 28" rocktanes being put on with no rubbing. I wanted to know has anyone put on a more normal/less aggressive tire like the mongrels for example and not had rubbing issues?

I have put on my paddle rear/ Balloon front tires with no issues 25x11x12 front and 25x13x12 rear,
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