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Stock steel wheels off 2015 VI

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They have five miles on them. Mint condition. Asking 100.00. Located on So Cal and prefer local pick up.

Joe N.
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None of my business buddy , but when I bought my new wheels and tires and kept my old ones, that way if something happens to one of them I have another set of wheels and tires ready to go. Just a thought for you. I mean can you replace those wheels with the hundred bucks you get out of them?
You have a good point which crossed my mind, but it stinks trying to find the room to store things in the garage. I will do just that if its not practical getting rid of.
I had the same problem, finding some where to put them. But I use my stock wheels as much as my after market ones. Intact maybe more. I haven't upgraded my clutch yet and so unless I'm on the trail I'm running my stocks around my property to reduce the risk of damage on my clutch. It pulls the 28's fine, I'm just paranoid.
Probably a long shot but do you still have these?
Thanks for the great deal on basically new wheels Joe! I will put them to good use up in Idaho. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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